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Are you Black-African/Afro-American?
And are you gothic?

Then come, brothers and sisters, and join in.

This is a community for people of African descent who consider themselves gothic.

Exactly where does this comply?

Well, it could refer to African-descended people who wear black all the time and practice alternative/traditional religions like Wicca (or alternative lifestyles; take your pick), among other traits of the stereotypical gothic culture.

However, our hand is extended especially toward African-descended people (in developed nations) who embrace their African heritage in the fullest, especially wearing all white (with black makeup and white eye/lip-liner and hair); practicing Vodun, Candomble, Santeria, or other African religions, embracing both the light (priest/priestess) and the dark side (sorceror/witch); and manifesting their lifestyle in the way they dress, talk, act, and think in everyday surroundings. Even artistic, musical, and literary expression is included.

Frankly put, we are a community for those who dont give a damn about the standards that have been set upon us; we are not afraid of our African roots, and will embrace them without the Europeanized or Middle-easternized exteriors forced upon them by history. So call us voodoo tribe witches, sorcerors, demon/satan worshipers, evil. call our way of life, our religion, what you may. Its nothing for us. We are proud, yet humble, so we wont try to convince the demagogues of our way.

Its been 6000 years; havent we been through enough pain, death, and hell already?

EDIT: I've decided to make this community a modded one, since we've picked up some bad vibes from particular people. Only people who have been approved to join can post, and I've kicked out a few people, as much as I didn't want to.