I found this LJ community by accident and I am glad I did.

An Afro-Canadian,I, too, was raised Roman Catholic and while I do not practise the faith anymore I do attend Mass on occasion. I am known to refer to myself as "culturally Roman Catholic" and find the practise of paganism in Toronto is not too far different from that of RCatholicism. I started going to the Wiccan Church of Canada in 1990(1?) and was active for a few years but got frustrated by the conservativism of the WCC and by the covert racism (or liberal bloodletting) of some of its members [in hindsight I realise my problem was classism -- I had a university education, B.A. in Classics and History and many of the WCC members did not]. I did undergo a Pagan Dedication ceremony in 2000 and while I do not identity as Wiccan I do describe myself as a Pagan and Ishtaritu.

My expression of my pagan identity is now taking another route. I want to be able to express my sensuality and sexuality (I am Bisexual) within my Pagan practice. But as I do my "studies" I am finding that while want to be able to draw from the past I feel the need to create a new means of "practice". I have been looking at song, dance, and yes even sex, as expressions of pagan ritual.

Hey, I'm new...

I'm really glad I found this community. I'm part African-American (from my dad's side) also a bunch of European things... and my mom's entirely Filipino.

I'm not really sure what to say.... I was raised catholic. Went to catholic elementary and high schools even though I didn't consider myself catholic... My parents are very religious so that didn't go too well with them. I'm not really anything... I lean more towards Wicca I guess but I follow Hades and I have really strong personal beliefs. That is my religion.

My friends have never really thought of me as African. I'm one of the few Afro-Americans they know and they always pretty much thought of me as 'gothic'. I think that's pretty sad. Usually people think of African Americans as the stereotypical rap freak (no offense to anyone who likes rap of course) with a bad attitude, 'black' accent, and foul mouth... but because I'm not really like that people have seemed to have forgotten my heritage.

I hope I'm welcome here...
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hello there,
my name is tamara and i am a afrcan american who was raised in a church and i still do believe that there is a God and that he is there for me for no matter what and that he is going to be there during his time and not my time. sorry about that ^_^...umm...well, i am dating a wounderful person who has been there for me through thick and thin and understands that i am goth and that he doesn't have a problem with it ^_^. i am a college student attend palm beach atlantic university which is in west palm beach, florida. i was raised as an military/army brat...and now my parents are in atlanta (that's where my boyfriend is). let's see what else about me...well, i do like to listen to evanescence, linkin park, jeremy camp, rebecca st. james, switchfoot, seether and etc (besides country- i don't like country at all >_<). well, that's all that i have to say about my self. if you want to add as me as friend i really don't mind at all ^_^.
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There are LJ promotion communities that say they're open to any type of communities, but delete the ad about my pagan community simply because it's pagan. It's hypocrisy and completely inconvenient for me. Therefore, I must ask the moderators of this community to forgive me, but I have few other ways to send this around, especially to the Wiccan community.


For those who are pagan and live in NJ, I invite you!

Zim Ngqawana

Has anyone ever listened to Zim Ngqawana? I saw one of his music videos on LinkTV, "Qulu Kwedini", a while back (the hook sounds alot like that of the song "Azimbonanga" by Johhny Clegg and Savuka). He's an avant-garde jazz musician from South Africa, whose music I think sounds very gothic, in a Johhny Cash/Lokua Kanza kinda way.

If so, does anyone have access to his music? I cant find any of it on Limewire, argh.

Africa dream, or, my decision to reject Christianity

Being raised in the black church since I was young, Ive never felt at ease with being a Christian. I find the hypocrisy and bullshit of black christians a turn-off to me, and this led me to reject Christianity in its whole some months back.

Im a history buff, especially in the realm of African and Afro-diasporian history and culture. and Ive read about Vodun and african religion. so i wonder: how can our traditional beliefs be so vilified and demonized by African americans, especially those who are of the christian religion?

i guess its kinda relative: with european people in europe, north america, and australasia, traditional european religion (including Wicca) is looked down upon just as severely.

strange though: people of extremely dark skin complexion who live in someplace Muslim (or Ethiopian orthodox) like Sudan are thought to be witches, just like how people in the western world customarilly demonize people who wear all black clothes and pale white makeup as THE EXACT SAME THING....

Wierd, aint it?

Christianity and Islam suck.
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