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well I apologize for promoting the forum as my first post but I have more to say. really

basically I noticed while reading the info of the community about witch craft and what not, while I belive that I have some goth in me I just wanted to know about the religous views of the other people here.

I'm not the type of person who will say that something is right or wrong *it's more like what works for you might not work for me* but I just wanted to know how the people view christianity since my moral code is 80% christan ideals.

other than that I would like to say, hello my name is noland.
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Christian ideals are based around being generally honest and good to your neighbor. This is not singularly Christian, unless you believe that god and/or Jesus told you to do it.
At the same time, some Chritians believe that by preaching hate and fear they can force others to believe the way they do.'s a circular arguement because many religions are very similar.

I wasn't brought up Christian. My mom is completely atheistic and my dad is secular too (he was brought up Jewish). This allowed my sister and me to come to our own conclusions about the way of the world and etc. We are both witches. Not Wiccans though. We don't think of things as black and white magic. We believe MIGHTILY in karma though. Be responsible in your practice, both to yourself and to others. Things do have a way of biting you in the ass if you're not careful.
I agree with you, btw I'm the good to your neighbor type of christian.

and again I only have some christian belives, my faith is a strange mix of pagan taoist christian.

but I belive in god, I just feel at the same time that I am a point in the universe and so long as no one interfeers with my space I will not do ill will or disrupt the space of another human being or person or thing.
Nuttin wrong with that! My best and oldest friend is an elder at her church. She has very many pagan beliefs though. In fact, she is currently dealing with poltergeists in her home. :) She has participated in rituals with me.

Yes. I'm a witch. She isn't I'd say that is religious tolerance at it's finest. Yes?
no I don't understand, what kind of rituals?
We were room-mates once and she helped me purify our new place. A couple of times, she helped me draw a circle in some sand on the Washington coast so we could light candles for the full moon...
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Really gotta go

Aaah. That felt so good!

Come visit my journal. I’m always looking for new friends. I'm part african. href=""></a> Really gotta go Aaah. That felt so good!


February 11 2006, 05:05:06 UTC 12 years ago

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