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About the Live 8 concert series

Sorry for the cynicism, but I find the Live 8 concert series to be slightly unrealistic in its motives.

I mean, the campaign to erase poverty in the Third World, especially Africa: I know that this series may put pressure on the G8 to write off the debt for the world's poorest nations, but I mean, come on! These countries are only going to rack up another string of debt in the next few decades, while many of them will also continue to sponsor domestic terrorism against their own people in order to keep themselves in power.

I mean, what will come out of this? Will this be the reason that the world's biggest lenders will offer in the coming decades for why Africa is still in poverty, or, worse, in debt to them again (in a "see, it wasn't my fault after Live 8" type of fashion)?

Furthermore, if the G8 is going to eradicate poverty in the Third World, then why couldn't they have done it before, say, President Aristide was overthrown in Haiti back last year? Haiti is, like most of sub-Saharan Africa, a predominately-"Black" country, in fact, the world's first Black republic. Aristide was trying his best to help the Haitian people through government programs; however, the money and resources which were needed to bring Haiti back from the point of starvation were nonexistent, thanks to the U.S.'s tendency to whip the rebellious stepchild's ass.

And even after Aristide, a purpoted "dictator" in the eyes of the Western media (which has never liked Haiti since 1804), was overthrown with overt U.S., Canadian, and French support, things have gone from bad to worse in that country. Thank you, G8!

As far as I'm concerned, the Live 8 concert series is only serving the paternalistic attitude of the West, and all of its efforts can burn in hell.

Oh, so you can help the hungry people of a far-away continent, but when they are at your doorstep, you can treat them like shit? No...fucking...way!

Again, sorry for the cynicism.
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