gone (xbluemoonx) wrote in african_gothic,

sorry for the mad xposting

firstly, if this type of post is not allowed, accept my apologies and
please remove it. thank you.

this is a call.

because some of you out there may know someone who will fit the
following, pass it along, share. i want this to be a thriving open
community. please visit the forums and post your ideas and thoughts. we are looking for artists of all types, authors, and more.

yes, that's my mug on the main page.


We are here.

We know that you see us, the double takes aren't that subtle.

Our existence is like a myth within our own community, a joke, an
obvious sign of our own internal self hatred. Or so you think.

We are not Oreos, we do not want to be in any skin other than the
melanin rich shades of earth we have been bestowed.

We have idols that stretch the gamut from the guitar wizardry of Jimi
Hendrix, to the gritty punk of Bad Brains.

We walk tall in our Docs, and Vans and vinyl boots to mosh, dance, and
spit fire as poets. We skate, we sing, we are submissive and we are

We are as varied as our shades but we all recognize our unifying
difference from the pack.

Just as every other group has subcultures so does the community of
African-Americans, though behind the stereotypes both internal and
external they can sometimes become lost in the concept of "keeping it

Welcome to DoubleBlack, an E-zine for alternative black culture. Our
mission here is to provide a venue for stories, photos, album & show
reviews and anything else relating to our experiences in subcultures
thought unknown among African-Americans.

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