The Lone Penman (rayne_vandunem) wrote in african_gothic,
The Lone Penman

Just made a few adjustments to this community

I've taken the road oft taken and made this community a strictly-modded community, as we've picked up some bad "vibes", as many of you have seen.

I got tired of trying to explain this community to people who would rather not see this community in existence, so it made sense to put a defensive shell over this community. Sure, of course I desire objectivity, as one would desire for ANY community, but what virus_x posted was FAR from objective: it was an unintelligent, indiscriminate attack on this community's existence. So I suggest this to all who may join and post here in the future: show objectivity, show intelligence, but do not come here as a demagogue. If you do, then I will be obligated to suspend you quicker than you came in (and don't let the door hit you on the way out).

This is african_gothic, yes, it IS a frickin oxymoron of a title, and it is MEANT to be. Any further explanation is on the userinfo page, so I HOPE that I don't have to explain this community to anyone anymore.
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