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Africa dream, or, my decision to reject Christianity

Being raised in the black church since I was young, Ive never felt at ease with being a Christian. I find the hypocrisy and bullshit of black christians a turn-off to me, and this led me to reject Christianity in its whole some months back.

Im a history buff, especially in the realm of African and Afro-diasporian history and culture. and Ive read about Vodun and african religion. so i wonder: how can our traditional beliefs be so vilified and demonized by African americans, especially those who are of the christian religion?

i guess its kinda relative: with european people in europe, north america, and australasia, traditional european religion (including Wicca) is looked down upon just as severely.

strange though: people of extremely dark skin complexion who live in someplace Muslim (or Ethiopian orthodox) like Sudan are thought to be witches, just like how people in the western world customarilly demonize people who wear all black clothes and pale white makeup as THE EXACT SAME THING....

Wierd, aint it?

Christianity and Islam suck.
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