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La Cortigiana


I found this LJ community by accident and I am glad I did.

An Afro-Canadian,I, too, was raised Roman Catholic and while I do not practise the faith anymore I do attend Mass on occasion. I am known to refer to myself as "culturally Roman Catholic" and find the practise of paganism in Toronto is not too far different from that of RCatholicism. I started going to the Wiccan Church of Canada in 1990(1?) and was active for a few years but got frustrated by the conservativism of the WCC and by the covert racism (or liberal bloodletting) of some of its members [in hindsight I realise my problem was classism -- I had a university education, B.A. in Classics and History and many of the WCC members did not]. I did undergo a Pagan Dedication ceremony in 2000 and while I do not identity as Wiccan I do describe myself as a Pagan and Ishtaritu.

My expression of my pagan identity is now taking another route. I want to be able to express my sensuality and sexuality (I am Bisexual) within my Pagan practice. But as I do my "studies" I am finding that while want to be able to draw from the past I feel the need to create a new means of "practice". I have been looking at song, dance, and yes even sex, as expressions of pagan ritual.
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